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SrEllenMy name is Sister Ellen Pachmayer and I serve as the Guidance Counselor at Santa Cruz Catholic School. I can be reached by calling the school office, 520-624-2093.

Being a member of the Santa Cruz Catholic School entitles you and your children to my services as your school counselor.



Each student will benefit from the program by having a Christian Guidance class once a week. These classes will concentrate on Christian values and virtues which include learning how to get along with others, making good decisions, managing anger, accepting responsibility, being aware of strengths and weaknesses, drug abuse awareness, personal safety, plus many other social/life skills.


I am also in the school to help students who are facing particular difficulties. Family disruptions such as illness, death, divorce, death of a pet, a move, etc. may affect children at school. If your family is experiencing anything out of the ordinary, please contact me. It is possible for your child to have weekly individual conferences. Children may be referred to me by a parent, teacher, principal or the child him/herself. Parents will be notified if they have not initiated the contact.


Sometimes groups are formed as needed for various reasons like friendship skills, social skills, anger management skills, incarcerated relatives, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. A group for children who are experiencing loss due to death, divorce, a move, etc. will be offered again this year; further information concerning these programs will be available as groups are formed.

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